Hosted Guests – Why Attend?

Value added reseller executives are our VIP, hosted guests and attend RTSS at no cost – all expenses paid!

VAR executives, hosted guests, attend by invitation only and are assigned to a boardroom of 10-12 other value added reseller executives for the duration of the event. VIP hosted guests will gain knowledge and information from 45-55 different vendor presentations, and have the opportunity to develop a relationship with them throughout the event. This is your no-cost opportunity to learn about the latest technology, products, services, and industry relative content from the brightest and most innovative minds in the marketplace.

It’s an opportunity to network with 100 of your peers from across North America. It’s knowledge and networking… and the icing on top is it doesn’t cost you anything as a VIP guest.

– Colin Martin

VIP Hosted Guests – Why Attend?

Three-day, relaxed, environment – at no expense to you

Focused, concentrated time for engagement with industry peers

As a participating guest, you have the opportunity to learn from over 50 different quality vendors about their technology, their solutions, and the innovations they’re bringing to the market

Private Boardroom Format – you and other’s like you – a time for connection and experience sharing with like-minded individuals

Meaningful connections turn into lasting relationships

Product and service extension possibilities – improve organic growth results

Remaining relevant in the market served – surviving isn’t the goal, the goal is to thrive in the new market