Hosted VAR Registration October 6 - 9, 2024
PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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*Current and Past RTSS Participating Vendor Partners

A three-day business development event designed to bring industry-leading vendors together with high-performing value-added resellers.

Retail Technology Solutions Summit (RTSS), is designed to accelerate business development results.

The summit is being held at PGA National Resort & Spa, a four-star resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This relaxed environment has been selected as the backdrop that will allow executives of leading industry vendors and hosted guest, value-added resellers come together for the sole purpose of developing meaningful, sustainable business relationships.

The unique, private boardroom meeting structure of the event, in addition to various networking functions, industry relative content and panel discussions, creates interactions that foster and accelerate business development activities.

Event Format


⋅ Point of Sale Systems
⋅ Kiosk
⋅ Telephony
⋅ Security

⋅ Cloud Solutions
⋅ Digital Signage
⋅ IoT Solutions
⋅ Displays & Touchscreens

⋅ Payment Solutions
⋅ RFID and Barcode Scanning
⋅ Networking & Wireless
⋅ And much more…


Value-added resellers are eager for new, innovative and noteworthy discussions that will advance their business models. They are organized in a boardroom format to receive your message. You control the boardroom.

As a vendor, you will have the opportunity to build meaningful, sustainable relationships and develop new business. By presenting your respective products and solutions, you are helping the hosted guest, VARs, see their future in your solution. Participating Vendors are guaranteed ten different solution provider executives in each of the boardroom meetings. In addition, as a participating boardroom vendor you will have optional branding, networking and speaking opportunities to consider… all in a target rich environment of more than 100 potential high-value prospects.

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Focused, concentrated time for engagement at no cost to you or your company.

Immerse yourself, learning with your peers, in boardroom sessions, panel discussions and the latest industry relative content from the brightest and most innovative minds in the marketplace. Value-added reseller hosted guests participate at no cost in exchange for their commitment to the summit agenda and participation in event functions.

Hosted VAR Registration